Take a peak at the latest new attraction at Curly Cue Wall Graphics.  We have all gotten to know and love Curly Cue's adorable wall decal.  Well now there is a new and hip line in store for you!  Add a cute clock to match the theme of your room or just add one for a fun look.  There are a variety of unique clock designs to choose from and more to come.  What is awesome about these clocks is they are simple to put together.  We provide two AA batteries and a hanging nail, so the clock is ready to go right out of the box.  One of our most popular clocks is the lady bug.  Mothers are raving about the lady bug themed room for their kids, and just loved our new clock.  So design your room today with one of our new fashionable clocks!

Love always,
                    Curly Cue

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